automagic Badges reborn

I used to be a user of this badges for, I really like the one telling you how many songs per week you listen. A few weeks ago the author no longer maintains this badges and a lot of people got an image of “not longer available“, but the author also give you the code, so this morning I fork it in my github, and make some minor changes for adapting it to my hosting (and my habits).

So here we have a running and functional automagic Badges, enjoy it:



Copy/paste the above BBcode to your profile settings.

8 Thoughts on “ automagic Badges reborn

  1. Y eso que he te ha dado ahora por escribir en inglés los post?

  2. Esto concretamente porque puede que lo use mucha gente, por lo tanto mejor usar un idioma neutro como el inglés. Si este post lo hiciese (por ejemplo) un francés, agradecería que lo escribiese en inglés.

  3. Me parece bien, no lo había pensado.

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  5. Done! Thanks! I have not even noticed your writing was in English!

  6. Ziah on 13 March, 2009 at 18:22 said:

    These don’t seem to work or update. Is there something wrong?

  7. Infernl Treasure on 18 March, 2009 at 2:46 said:

    These do not work any longer….I am looking at rewriting the script and hosting the file myself. I’ll keep everyone posted. For now do not waste your time…they do not update at all.

  8. @Ziah & @InfernlTreasure, sorry I’ve not noticed that, it was a bug related with the images’ cache.

    I’ve done practically a total rewrite including the fix for this issue, so, this time, it should really work.

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