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A new gem: rubygems is it jruby?

A few days ago after seeing this tweet, I’ve decided to migrate the gem rubygems-isit19 to jruby. Thanks to this, when you install another gem you’ll be able to read about compability of this gem with jruby, the information is fetched from website.

Once you have installed the gem you will have two main features, it’s easier if I just show you. First the messages when you install gems:

$ jgem install daemons
daemons 1.0.10 probably might not work, blaxter says 1.0 fails
Update with your experiences!
Successfully installed daemons-1.0.10
1 gem installed
$ jgem install cucumber
cucumber 0.3.97 might work, 100% say works on jruby
Update with your experiences!
Successfully installed cucumber-0.3.97
1 gem installed
$ jgem install faker
faker 0.3.1 is 100% verified jruby
Update with your experiences!
Successfully installed faker-0.3.1
1 gem installed

And also we have an explicit gem command:

$ jgem isitjruby faker
faker 0.3.1:
    Blaxter says 0.3.1 works on GNU/Linux
        it works perfectly, and it passes all test.
$ jgem isitjruby daemons
daemons 1.0.10:
    blaxter says 1.0 fails on GNU/Linux
        Daemons use fork, jruby doesn't support fork, so it doesn't work and
        never will

And that’s it. The code is on github be free of fork me or open any issues. The important thing is populate with relevant information for benefit of all jruby community. Oh I forgot to tell you how to install it, very easy, I’ve uploaded the gem to gemcutter so you can install it with something like

$ jgem install rubygems-isitjruby -s

It’s also in github, but I think (and I hope) gemcutter will be the next rubyforge, so better gemcutter :).