What you should know before walk into a job interview for a developer position

You could be an awesome developer or a really bad one, it doesn’t matter, a job interview is something different. It’s like doing a crossword for a writer or a drive license test for a f1 driver, they should do it just ok, but a bit of practice before won’t hurt.

Things I’d recommend:

  • To code something while other people are watching you (if you have a blackboard, the better): I don’t know about you, but I get really nervous if someone is looking at my screen, I start to do a lot of typos, even with really short shell commands and don’t even try to think and write logical stuff. One thing sort of work for me is to (try to) think out loud in those situations.
  • Remember basic data types: Nowadays we got into bad habits of using a lot of libraries so we forgot about really basic stuff, do you know how to write a basic “set” date type from zero? a list? a balanced tree? 10 years ago I knew it, right now probably it would take me much more time.
  • Algorithm’s costs: more of the same. It’s quite easy, but you should remember and take a look into this, again.
  • Learn name of things: once thing is to have an anonymous function without being bound to some identifier and another different thing is to have a lambda. It’s not the same to have a class that exposes the functionality that to have a façade. Well, in fact those things are the same, but it helps if we speak the same language.
  • Do not panic: it’s not about answer quickly, take it easy.

May the source be with you.

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