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The masturbating monkeys

I think the OpenBSD crowd is a bunch of masturbating monkeys

Linus Torvalds

Maybe this quote is out of context, but you can check out the whole text here.

As always, Linus making friends.

Subversion: the most pointless project ever

At least, that’s what he said…

When I say I hate CVS with a passion, I have to also say that if there any SVN users in the audience, you might want to leave. Because my hatred of CVS has meant that I see Subversion as being the most pointless project ever started, because the whole slogan for the Subversion for a while was “CVS done right” or something like that. And if you start with that kind of slogan, there is nowhere you can go. It’s like, there is no way to do CVS right.

Linus Torvalds

From his Git talk in Google last year, a really good one.